High Thermal Efficiency Hot Water boiler for Hospital

3, a low nitrogen gas boiler using more advanced technology, higher thermal efficiency

Gas low nitrogen boiler fast boiler through the use of flue gas condensation heat recovery technology, the high temperature flue gas in the latent heat and the sensible heat portion utilized, the thermal efficiency can be improved by about 20%, more than 103%, significant savings in the late running costs, also reducing operating costs.

For a long time, the domestic industrial production are supplied by the coal-fired industrial boilers, although the use of such boilers to the rapid economic development has brought great power support, but coal burning will produce large amounts of sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides , dust and other polluting gases, leading to serious deterioration of haze and air.

Boiler start-up process, the drum, the lower wall temperature difference is how to generate? During start-up, the drum wall absorbs heat from the working fluid, the temperature gradually increased. Start early, boiler water circulation has not been correctly set up, the drum water is not flowing state, convection heat transfer coefficient of the wall of the drum is very small, i.e. very slow heating. An upper drum into contact with saturated steam at elevated process pressure, a portion of the vapor will condense adherent, exothermic condensation of the metal walls of the drum, which convective heat transfer coefficient than the lower aqueous many times higher. When the pressure rises, the upper wall of the drum can be relatively close to the saturation temperature corresponding to the pressure, while the bottom wall is raised very slowly. Thus formed on the drum wall temperature is high, the low temperature condition lower wall. Boiler boost faster, the larger the temperature difference between the lower wall. On the drum, the temperature difference of the lower wall, the upper wall of the drum by the compressive stress, tensile stress by the lower wall. Large temperature difference, the greater the stress, the drum tends to cause severe shape deformation of the extrados. To this end, China's relevant rules of order: the drum, the lower wall allows the temperature difference is 40 ℃, the maximum does not exceed 50 ℃.

It is reported that the atmosphere and do in Hebei Province recently issued issued a "coal-fired boiler upgrade Hebei three-year battle plan" (hereinafter referred to as "Plan"). "Plan" put forward, will continue to increase efforts to eliminate 35 tons of steam / hour and coal-fired boilers, as of 2020, the province's 35 steam tons / hour and the boiler "No Coal", while steaming retains 35 t / h coal-fired boiler and above the implementation of energy efficiency retrofits to mention environmental protection.

2017, Hebei cities (including Dingzhou, Xinji) built-up area for 35 steam tons / hour and coal-fired boilers, the county seat 10 steam tons / hour and coal-fired boilers basically completed "clear" work. 2018, the province plans to phase out a total of 6764 units 13466 tons of steam coal-fired boiler, stove and stove operating a small coal stove, have been eliminated as of September 35 steam tons / hour and coal-fired boilers 6141 Taiwan 12485 tons of steam.

Next, Hebei will focus on the implementation of nine key tasks:

First, actively promote central heating facilities, industrial parks and accelerate the elimination of coal-fired heating boilers, the implementation of "the big-generation small" and "a garden a furnace" governance program, organized industrial wasteheat special action.

Second, increase clean energy alternatives, optimize energy structure boiler. As of 2020, municipalities and districts and counties built-up area of ​​straight pipe central heating and clean energy heating rate of 100%.

Third, increase the coal-fired boiler energy conservation and environmental protection to enhance the transformation efforts.

Fourth, increased pollutant emissions and coal quality management and control efforts, deepening the boiler control. For reservations of 35 steam tons / hour or more coal-fired boiler to install air pollution automatic monitoring facilities and networking with the provincial and municipal environmental protection department.

Fifth, to accelerate the application of new energy technologies, promote demonstration projects mature. Require municipalities to develop clean energy development plan, and carry out the heating boiler can too + + PV, geothermal pilot, accelerating wind power demonstration heating Zhangjiakou region, to promote biomass energy, gas, alcohol-based fuel, industrial waste heat, light hydrocarbon fuel and other types of energy.

Sixth, give prominence to coal-fired boilers "Gas", "electricity" management. Municipalities To plan, implementation of the "gas will change," "power given to change." Heating boilers complete transformation of all time ahead of the end of August, without access to gas, clean energy power light before shifting coal-fired heating boilers can not be removed.

Seven, to carry out comprehensive environmental remediation coal-fired boilers, the implementation of grid management systems.

Eight new boiler strict access, strict implementation of pollutants and reduce the amount of times the coal alternative system. By the end of 2018, the province's coal-fired boiler control in less than 110,000 tons of steam.

Nine, strict boiler exclusion criteria, norms and acceptance transformation.

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Definitions of Revised Classes and Subclasses of Subjects of . United States. Patent Office - 1912 - PatentsFuel and water, Automatic control, and subclass 452, Feeders, Boiler pressure; Variable discharge, Boiler controlled; 158, LIQUID AND GASEOUS FUEL a vacuum for withdrawing air and water of condensation from a heating system.

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