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Luzhou, Sichuan issued a notice to win the Battle of Blue Sky embodiment. Program requirements, to promote ultra-low emissions to upgrade the steel and cement industries, and increase efforts to eliminate small coal-fired sop of 14 ton biomass boilers, phasing out the whole 10 tons / hour and below the coal-fired boilers. Details are as follows.

1, to accelerate the development of clean energy. Scientific and orderly promote clean energy development and utilization of hydropower, natural gas (shale gas), wind power, solar, biomass and so on. By 2020, the city's total primary energy consumption of 12.48 million tons of standard coal, total coal consumption control in less than 6.5 million tons, accounting for the proportion of total energy consumption control in less than 42%, the newly constructed and put into operation a large municipal solid waste incineration power plants, garbage power generation capacity of 12MW, a new wind farm installed capacity of 48MW, the development of distributed PV installed capacity of 5MW, the new large biogas 5. Improve the construction of reservoirs for natural gas production and marketing system.

2, to promote the use of clean coal. Efforts to increase coal washing, coal simultaneous construction of new coal washing facilities, supporting the completion of existing coal mines coal washing facilities in accordance with points Area. Improve coal quality and use of standard industrial, commercial coal do not comply with environmental standards required by regulations of coal quality merchandise. Prohibit the circulation and use of low-grade bulk coal, bulk coal investigated and dealt with according to the law without a license behavior. Increase the civil bulk coal clean governance efforts to promote electricity instead of coal, substitution of gas for coal, to promote the use of clean coal, advanced civilian stoves, strengthen civil bulk coal management. Strengthen regulation and control coal use in autumn and winter.

3, to carry out comprehensive improvement of coal-fired boilers. Increase efforts to eliminate small coal-fired boilers. By 2020, the county level and above cities phasing out the built-up area per hour and 10 tons of steam coal-fired boilers, in principle, to a new 35 tons of steam per hour of coal-fired boilers, in principle, to other parts of the new 10 per hour tons of steam coal-fired boilers. Ambient air quality standards are not areas should further increase efforts to eliminate.

4, increase Condensing units and cogeneration units technological transformation efforts, speed up the heating pipe network construction, fully release and improve the heating capacity, eliminate network and bulk coal fired boilers within the coverage area. In areas not have cogeneration district heating conditions, a plurality of existing coal-fired boilers of small, actively promote the implementation alternative energy.

Pharmaceutical sop of 14 ton biomass boiler how to correct selection? Pharmaceutical boiler how to correct selection? With increasingly stringent national environmental policy, many pharmaceutical companies increasingly began to notice how to choose the boiler, through research and analysis of the market, the steam boilers in the range of pharmaceutical applications is relatively large, but the boiler only need to select the metrics solve business needs, but also reduce the operating costs of enterprises also need to have a significant contribution, then you want to meet these targets, you need to consider a number of factors, the following Xiaobian take you to do some simple understanding. Thermal efficiency is generally lower run (1) pharmaceutical boiler, heat efficiency of the boiler operation is directly related to the use of effects during use of the boiler as well as losses cost, thus making this selection, it should be carefully considered. (2) a power boiler pharmaceutical Generally, the choice of the boiler, when the boiler operating parameters understanding, we try to choose a power 20% higher than normal amounts of pharmaceutical steam boiler, to meet special circumstances special gas demand. (3) to select what type of boiler opening small series have mentioned constantly improve environmental policy, then in order to conform to the requirements of the times, many pharmaceutical companies have carried out cleaning boilers transformation, such as biomass to gas, fuel type, etc. the energy-based, but by analyzing the survey data, the application will be gas-fired boiler more certain, both from the terms of cleanliness or convenience are more suited to the application. Of course, during the selection, also we need to consider the actual situation of the boiler applications, such as space, power consumption of the local conditions selected for high efficiency boilers. In short, when pharmaceutical companies during the selection boiler thermal efficiency of the boiler efficiency, cleanliness and other factors are more important, so when choices must be based on the actual situation, more contrast analysis, careful decision-making.

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Definition of Boiler Efficiency is “The percentage of the total absorption heating value of outlet steam in the total supply heating value.” In other word, it is a rate how the boiler runs efficiently. The thermal efficiency of our coal-fired boilers is 84~92%, the efficiency of fuel and gas boilers is 96~99%, and the efficiency of biomass boilers is 86-93%. The higher the efficiency of the boiler, the better the heat transfer performance. Increasing boiler thermal efficiency can reduce boiler fuel consumption and reduce boiler operating costs. Increasing the thermal efficiency of the boiler is to increase the effective use of heat and reduce the heat loss of the boiler. The key point is to reduce the heat loss of the boiler exhaust gas and the loss of mechanical incomplete combustion.

Decreasing CO2 emissions by installing a biomass fired sop of 14 ton biomass boiler instead of a gas fired boiler to meet the heat demands of a new paper machine at a pulp and paper mill in China. With the project, the use of ash as fertilizer in agriculture and forestry as well as the implementation of alternative ways to give value to biomass residues such as sludge from the pulp and paper production are being promoted, and local jobs are being created.

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2012-11-27 · Baseline actual emissions + the applicable PSD significance levels 0.1 ton= combined annual limit for both boilers in tpy For particulate calculations, SEI includes those emissions from the biomass handling equipment in addition to the boilers. To determine the permit limits, the equation above was further manipulated as follows:

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