QXL 29MW 1 6MPa Industrial Coal Fired High Quality Boiler Water Wall Tubes

Low temperature corrosion of qxl 29mw 1 6mpa industrial coal fired high quality boiler water wall tubes fuel than coal-fired boilers serious reason these days after another customer asked why there are low-temperature corrosion of boiler fuel serious than coal-fired boilers, small and together we discuss in this article address this issue. When little understanding of the chemistry of you might know equal sulfur content greater body oil and coal, but asked what the low-temperature corrosion of boiler fuel in general it is much more serious than the coal-fired boilers? For two main reasons: a coal-fired boiler, pulverized coal fired boiler in particular, 90% of the coal ash in the flue gas is taken away, fumes generated in the sulfuric acid vapor is adsorbed by fly ash in the flue gas, so that the smoke sulfuric acid vapor in the gas is reduced; coal combustion, about half of the sulfur remaining in the ash. While combustion of oil, the sulfur content of the fuel is almost complete conversion of SO2, the fuel ash few, little fly ash in the flue gas, the flue gas adsorption capacity of the sulfuric acid vapor is weak. 2. higher hydrogen content fuel oil in the boiler, about 11% to 12%, combustion can produce about one ton per ton of fuel vapor, when the fuel in the flue gas water vapor partial pressure higher than when coal, lignite but because it contains more water exception table below. Above the dew point of water vapor in the flue gas so that the fuel for two reasons, the concentration of sulfuric acid vapor in the flue gas is large, when the sulfuric acid vapor in the flue gas is not only a so-called thermodynamic point of water vapor partial pressure is low is formed, as shown in Table 1 shown in FIG. When the flue gas in a small amount of sulfuric acid vapor, the flue gas dew point of significantly increased. Effect of sulfuric acid concentration on the corrosion rate is large, typically at a sulfuric acid concentration of 40% to 50%, the fastest etching. Due to the fuel, the flue gas dew point is not only high, but the sulfuric acid concentration in the air preheater heating surface is also formed large, not to say in small series, we will come to a low temperature corrosion of boiler fuel ratio of coal-fired boiler this conclusion is serious.

Shutdown four tons of gas qxl 29mw 1 6mpa industrial coal fired high quality boiler water wall tubes steam boiler shutdown and maintenance of fire into pressure shutdown, normal shutdown, emergency shutdown. A pressure fire fire shutdown shutdown pressure applied to temporarily stop the supply of steam, the boiler is shutdown pressure hot standby state. 1, before the pressure reduction appropriately to fire the boiler load, and according to the length of the seam thicker shutdown time, (up to 200mm) to accelerate the speed of the grate, the grate is stopped when rotated about 1.5 meters from the coal seam to the shutter. 2, stop blowers, blower suitably adjusted flap subsections, relying on a lean-burn natural ventilation is maintained. 3, the sewage, to allow the water level in the boiler water level. 4, Yang fire regularly, to prevent rotation of the furnace grate extinguish the fire bed. Young fire first before sewage water, then rinse water level gauge. II. Normal shutdown Normal shutdown for heating period ends, boiler pour fire into the buck repair or maintenance. 1, make a record before shutdown problems in operation, so that after the shutdown process. 2, the coal bucket coal memory runs out, the amount of toner to reduce the wind. 3. Stop the blower, draft fan stop and then the opened door grate ash. 4, after the steam supply is stopped out, the boiler to the boiler water to maintain a high level. 5, close the main steam valve, if the pressure rises to open the air exhaust valve suitable pressure relief. 6, stop the water supply to the boiler and economizer attention to monitoring changes in water temperature, open return pipe if necessary. 7, 4 to 6 hours after the furnace fire bed down exhausted, continued rotation of the cooling grate. Throughout the boiler throttle, the door should be kept closed. Allowed to naturally cool. 8, appropriate to open the pump, the boiler water and sewage. When the pressure drops to zero, open the air valve. 9, when the boiler water temperature is below 70 ℃, boiler water can be exhausted. Shutdown is complete. 10, less than 24 hours during shutdown. Avoid Shutdown cooling process, step-down too fast. Third, emergency shutdown emergency shutdown applies to the boiler accident, g combustion equipment damage, furnace or boiler structure collapsed wall is red-hot, a serious threat to the safe operation of the boiler when; h boiler pressure parts found serious distortion, leakage. when i found flue gas explosion or secondary combustion, boiler and seriously endanger the safety of operating personnel;; when endanger the safety of operation.. the safe operation of the boiler j endanger other unusual circumstances when. 2, the emergency shutdown procedures to immediately stop a blowing coal and reduce the wind; B rotates quickly grate, the pour slag pit coal or sand, wet ash coal burning fire to extinguish. , but not to the firebox water;. c boiler air valve, the relief valve opens quickly exhaust the steam pressure is reduced;. d after the fire goes out, stopping fan, opening the ash door and door, promote air circulation accelerated cooling; 3, emergency shutdown Notes a. when an accident and emergency shutdown due to lack of water, boiler feed water is strictly prohibited to, and shall not be such as to open the air valve or exhaust valve work on preventing boiler from sudden changes in temperature or pressure to expand accidents;. b when filled with water due to an accident and emergency shutdown, should immediately stop the water supply, reduce combustion, open the drain valve and drain, due to lower the water level, while opening the main steam pipe, the sub-cylinder and steam traps mother tube, water and prevent steam pipe with a large number of water hammer occurs. c. emergency shutdown operation to ensure the safety of the main event of an accident to calmly deal with, timely reporting, and make relevant records in the "log table boiler." d. Whether shutdown any case, we must maintain timely contact with steam departments.

Inter-regional Pingdingshan Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd. by the Pingdingshan Shenma Group and two Chinese top 500 enterprises founded by restructuring, cross-industry, cross-ownership and transnational business of large state-owned energy and chemical group, under the People's Government of Henan Province , is the most complete variety of coking coal, thermal coal production base, has Asia's largest chemical production base in nylon. Carefully selected and comparison, fast qxl 29mw 1 6mpa industrial coal fired high quality boiler water wall tubes Pingmei cooperation with party has chosen to provide a 2 tons of steam electric steam boiler (WDR2.0-1.25-II) by a fast side.

Be careful when selecting pressure hot water qxl 29mw 1 6mpa industrial coal fired high quality boiler water wall tubes which cold days, just use pressure hot water boiler can feel as warm spring, enjoy the convenience of hot water. Extra large hot water boiler quality of life greatly improved. Pressure hot water boiler easy to use, but at the time of purchase the user must also confused how to buy, so the need to pay attention to what needs to select pressure hot water boiler For detailed understanding of. 1, when determining the use of boiler pressure hot water boiler purchase, you should consider using a different environmental requirements. If the client needs heating, you should choose a dedicated pressure hot water boiler is heated by circulating hot water in the hot water pump recycling. Back to the radiator, i.e. a heat sink, to deliver heat to every corner; hot water only, select a particular hot water, hot water circulating through the pump, hot water tank of hot water circulating in the hot water supply; number of users need to have two choices, so they have to choose to increase the heat exchanger in the piping system, so using two atmospheric pressure hot water boiler. 2, the heating area is determined, the amount of water by the calculation cycle, the required amount of hot water, boiler design used to determine the heating area or field. Accurate and scientific calculation and design can meet the requirements, without wasting resources. 3, to determine the fuel, boiler pressure hot water boiler style, coal or natural gas hot water boiler in three common, the boiler is electricity, gas hot water boiler coal or natural gas as an energy source. When selected, you can choose your own needs or favorable conditions. As long as meet the requirements of the boiler room, the style of choice should be simple and suitable for horizontal or vertical.

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