high quality 1820kw combi boiler

Nantong gas steam high quality 1820kw combi boiler Which is good for the moment on the domestic gas steam boiler supplier, the difference between the reference evapotranspiration, each with their own bright spot gas steam boiler performance. Unclear questioner explore gas steam boiler which is good or bad eligibility criteria. Generally decide to choose exactly suitable for use in a gas steam boiler units of their own, following several rules should must know: First, gas steam boiler efficiency indicators Second, gas steam boiler start output speed The provisions of evaporation gas steam boiler Fourth, the categories above gas steam boiler said several rules, the procurement of gas steam boiler is the most common non-compliance, which should most seriously consider non-compliance, from here a few rules can be drawn from a group of gas steam boiler the quality of benefits, natural gas steam boiler election time, buy the most correct their own units, the price of gas steam boiler is their most important.

Comrade He Jinping other fast group deepen in the production of special equipment, "two of integration" of the premise, adhere to the "quality first" to develop stringent quality control standards appreciated. In the accompanying leader of the companies have received the "Mayor Quality Award" honors, while the market share rising, Vice Governor He could not help nodding, and the president of AC current market conditions high quality 1820kw combi boiler. He Jinping former comrades came to the company remote monitoring platform for all kinds of dynamic data displayed on the screen of a preliminary understanding of, and consulted with the current operating mode remote monitoring of boiler and means of achieving in energy conservation, safety production. Downstream of the enterprise carried out "intensive" in the boiler market, focusing special equipment product lifecycle management practices fully affirmed.

Boiler and specify different holes for high quality 1820kw combi boiler corrosion, the following is mainly to answer some specific questions, which mainly are: the boiler furnace in the manholes and hand holes, which specifically refers to what? In addition, for low and high temperature boiler corrosion, how should it be understood? These are the problems associated with the boiler, therefore, let's learn it. 1. boiler furnace in the manholes and hand holes in the boiler, manholes, which refers to access for people in the sewer, etc. in order to carry out maintenance work. And thus it can enter and leave Pai Road, boilers and water pipes and other such facilities. The hand hole, which can be considered to reduce the manhole. Mounting object thereof is to facilitate the installation, removal, cleaning and maintenance work, namely, to facilitate the work of some of the internal device boiler. These two, is basically the same in structure, and is a short tube section of blind plates. In diameter, hand hole is 150-200mm, and there DN150, DN250 both nominal diameter. The manhole is in the 1000mn above. 2. The low temperature low and high temperature corrosion of boiler corrosion boiler: heating surface in the rear of the boiler, such as an air preheater and economizer, etc., if present, and sulfuric acid, then combine with water vapor to form sulfuric acid vapor, together with the temperature is not high, the sulfuric acid vapor will condense on the heating surface, thus forming the sulfuric acid corrosion, that is, low temperature corrosion. And, it is mainly found in the air preheater, but again there will be the economizer. High-temperature corrosion of the boiler: the boiler at a high temperature state, an alkali metal sublimation, and the flue gas is reacted with sulfur trioxide to produce a composite sulfate, then, have a heating surface tubes and boiler wall, causing corrosion. So, these one corrosion, known as high-temperature corrosion. Also, pay attention to that which is generally repeated, if not promptly treated, then the wall will gradually thinning, the worst case, there will be burst pipes phenomenon.

2.80 ton Circulating fluidized bed steam high quality 1820kw combi boiler realize the comprehensive utilization of ash and slag

Circulating fluidized bed combustion process belongs to the low temperature combustion, while the furnace excellent the burnout condition makes of boiler ash carbon containing low amounts (carbon content is less than 1%), belongs to the low temperature burn through, easy implementation of ash comprehensive utilization, such as cement admixture material or building materials. At the same time, low temperature burn is also conducive to the extraction of rare metals in ash.

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