how industrial boiler systems work

First, the start-up burner

Open the power first, to be noted that start-up burner, a gas boiler purge valve in the boiler drum, steam when fully out, and then turn off.

March 11, we learned from the Harbin municipal government: Harbin win the 2019 New Blue Sky Battle embodiments released this year, Harbin will be coal-fired pollution control, pollution discharge standards, high Vehicle emission control, comprehensive improvement of urban and rural non-point source, and prohibiting straw utilization as the main direction, precise Shi policy. Strive to the end, so that the sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced by more than 17.6% in 2015 and 20%; concentration of PM2.5 decreased to 52 micrograms / cubic meter or so, and strive to 50 micrograms / cubic meter or less; and more severe reduce the number of pollution days to 21 days or less.

After the proposed scheme, Harbin bulk coal strengthen management and control, strengthening coal quality testing, to improve the sampling frequency. This year will develop clean heating embodiment, the priority development of the city urban central heating; central heating covered areas being difficult to accelerate the implementation of natural gas heating and electric heating, and other distributed clean heating. Unit embodiment "coal to clean energy" should be synchronized removal of coal-fired boiler, gas boiler need replacement after low NOx combustion technology, clean heating rate of 60% or more. City buses, taxis or car clean energy proportion of new energy and strive to reach 94% and 80%. Promote the use of gas vehicles to achieve the national emission standards for six. Six to stop selling below the country's gasoline and diesel. Establish responsibility dust control system, built-up areas prohibit the construction site mixing of concrete, mortar and use of bagged cement 9 city and county (city). Under the premise of protecting people's livelihood, heating boilers should be relatively conducive weather conditions during the pollutant dispersion from the oven, in the same area by different heating boiler early in the evening three periods of peak load shifting from the furnace.

2. Combustion system

The combustion system of the boiler consists of a furnace, a flue, a burner, an air preheater, etc. Its main task is to make the fuel burn well in the furnace and release heat.

Routine maintenance how industrial boiler systems work feed pumps Boiler feed pumps is the key to safe and stable operation of the boiler system related to an important part of the use of modern technology design automation and boiler set up automatic level control system. At present, China has more than four hundred thousand sets of boiler equipment, most of which are industrial enterprises in power plant boilers and boiler system, a small part of the business areas for baths and other residents. To the base of the boiler operation and stable pump operation, the system is important to adjust the composition of modern boiler level in this section. Once the feed pump failure would seriously endanger the safe operation of the boiler, it will also lead to serious major accidents. Therefore, the boiler system to strengthen routine maintenance and repair water pumps, has become an important work of modern boiler maintenance department. To fault prevention of routine maintenance: routine maintenance of modern boiler feed pumps must be based on failure prevention purposes, to establish a scientific system and maintenance system to guide routine maintenance work to the pump. Failure to establish a water pump spare parts and replacement records, detailed grasp the parts damaged time so late to be replaced before the life in parts, to avoid parts (such as: bearings, etc.) that is not timely after damage caused by damage to the unit. Also, to strengthen the water pump lubrication system maintenance, regular inspections amount of lubricating oil, lubricating components in a timely manner to avoid the occurrence of dry grinding. Before the addition of the lubricating oil to be noted that the quality and check the cleanliness of the oil addition port, to avoid the process of adding impurities into the bearing damage. Also note that in the conservation of the inspection and maintenance of the system piping to the pump, in a timely manner at plugging leaks, rust-proof coating the outside of the pipeline should always be checked for spray coating peeling off promptly at, in order to ensure that the tube corrosion path. Maintenance also need to pay attention to the inspection and maintenance of pump water treatment system.

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