Panama City Coal Fired Hot Water Boiler

58MW SZS series gas-fired panama city coal fired hot water boiler project for heating industryPeople cannot live a comfortable life without heating boilers in the winter, the normal and stable heat source is of great importance to human life. What is following is the increasingly serious problem of environmental pollution, implementing the policy of “coal to gas” is no time to delay, using gas-fired hot water boilers has been the general trend. Tianjin Jizhuangzi heat supply center is an enterprise specializing in city heat supply. In order to realize the “green heating”, the heat supply center decided to introduce a branch of gas-fired boilers to replace the old coal-fired boilers. ZOZEN successfully won the trust of Jizhuangzi heat supply center with its own strong comprehensive strength and rich experience in the heating industry. JIzhuangzi chose to cooperated with ZOZEN and ordered 3 sets of 58MW gas-fired hot water boilers (SZS58-1.6/130/70-Q) to provide heating source for citizens. This series of boilers adopts the design of " D " type membrane wall structure, the steam drum, the water drum and convection tube bundle form the convection heating surface to ensure the the boiler expands on both ends as a whole; at the same time, the combustion chamber is designed with the narrow distance tube membrane water cooling wall to reduce heat lost, in addition, the boiler is equipped with a big combustion chamber for the full combustion of fuel, effectively increasing the boiler thermal efficiency over 98% and reducing the NOx to 30mg, which are superior to the national level one energy efficiency standard.

Fangkuai Group adopts the concept of “moulding character and creating high-quality products”, and continues to research and continuously improve the technological content of products to get closer to users. With the mission of “creating convenient and fast boiler high-quality products for users”, it uses remote monitoring, APP, and active return visits. And other channels to provide users with convenient and efficient services; with the core values of "professionalism, lean work" as the core value, established an effective enterprise management system, adopted ISO9001 quality management system, OHSA18001 occupational health and safety management system and ISO14001 environmental management System certification; and cultivated a large number of high-quality employees with norms of behavior, professionalism, and continuous commitment to provide customers with more convenient and efficient services.

Maintenance and installation instructions boiler environmental protection boiler water clean-up at least once a month: on the furnace grate string of pipes and water pipes at the water cross scale. Always check: valve, pipe, flow is flexible door sheet intact, to prevent clogging, damage should be found to repair and restoration. Cleaning at least once a week, and the boiler flue gas path surface fire, arch wall, Guanfan, pipe tobacco, soot and smoke chamber grime, etc., to keep the heating surface clean, stable heat transfer. When the water heater and heating system is installed, the main line and the last two are not allowed to just valving. Other air bag inlet pipe may be installed at each branch for adjusting the control valve system balance, the smaller is generally the closer the opening degree from the furnace, whereas the more distal opening degree increases. When the valve opening is adjusted to the proper position, not twist, so as not to influence the heating effect. Fill the tank water heaters is open, its role with the expansion tank. Prohibit any valve mounted on the furnace body and connected to the tank conduit. Usually the main pipe heating installation slope i = 0.005. Riser mounted to the vertical, per meter length of not more than 3 mm. A normal heating boiler water temperature should not exceed 85 ℃, such as the temperature exceeds the complement in order to continue running when the tank overflow tube or overflow a large number of air, immediately check the hot water circulation system shutdown has blocked until troubleshooting. When the water level inside the heating supply water should be kept in a glass of water gauge water line visible range, prohibiting see cast coal burning furnace at less than the case of the water level in the water gauge glass, causing the system to prevent water shortages. Boiler installation location should be close to a hot spot closer a distance as possible to reduce heat loss. Piping system may be depending on the use. Water heaters based on the principle of gravity circulating water, due to the small circulating water gravity pressure head, and therefore, the installation must be less than the last group of the furnace heating bag, the vertical distance is generally 0.5-1 meters.

Oil-fired boiler safety instructions oil-fired boiler is one of many panama city coal fired hot water boiler to one of how to prevent boiler fuel boiler appears to be abnormal use it? First, to ensure the normal operation of the fuel in the boiler feed water quality and quality of qualified soda, to reduce the water wall tube fouling and corrosion, strengthen supervision and boiler water boiler water when found unqualified, should increase the number of times a given row; while the flue gas flow rate control , especially when the flue gas velocity in the corridor, during installation and servicing, should minimize the distance between the wall and the superheater tubes, while the distance between the tubes to uniformly as possible. second, the fuel boost heating boiler carried out in strict accordance with procedures, control the speed boost. were lower header sewage water wall work required to build the water cycle as soon as possible, promptly switched the gun to ensure uniform heating surface is heated to eliminate half of combustion, eliminating thermal excursions. third, do a good job adjusting fuel combustion boiler, the flame deflection preventing, controlling coal fineness noted that, with a reasonable air to prevent coking, reduces thermal excursions, to prevent the tail reburning fuel boiler; boiler steam parameters be closely monitored, and the main indicators of the amount of water evaporation and the like, to prevent pressure Release, full of water, water accident. fourth, strengthening sootblower sootblower and management, serious fouling preventing heating surface, when there is found furnace coking phenomenon, should be increased blowing Gray times, ensuring good water wall heat sink; overheating problem of the presence of long-term heating surface, installation of thermal supervision controlling temperature measuring points; expansion to ensure accurate indication means using oil-fired boiler units must be fully taken into account the safety problems. in the inspection process must be meticulous in place. to ensure the personal safety of the unit.

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