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Recently, located in Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province, Huanglong held removal of coal-fired hot water atmospheric pressure waters mobilization meeting, and promote the coal-fired boiler, "clear" work, Huanglong improve the overall air quality of the environment. The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Mayor Cao Zengjun, County Authority, Environmental Protection Agency, the Public Security Bureau and other coal-fired boilers Chaigai leading group members of the unit involved in coal-fired boilers and Chaigai of 16 enterprises and units attended the meeting.

At the meeting, urban management bureau announced the "urban transformation of coal-fired boiler demolition plan", and county coal-fired boiler demolition work arrangements for the deployment. Program pointed out, the county government before the end of June to remove their coal-fired boiler steam tons per 20,000 yuan subsidy standards in accordance with the relevant provisions of the provincial coal-fired boilers Chaigai subsidies, Chaigai completed in the first six months to the end of August unit task of tons of steam per 10,000 yuan subsidy standards, after the completion of the end of August Chaigai units should be punished to the unit in addition to the removal of subsidies, the person in charge accountable.

A coal-fired boiler Chaigai work is the key point to win the Battle of the blue sky, Huanglong is an important measure to improve the quality of atmospheric environment, the relevant units should fully understand the importance and urgency of the boiler Chaigai work, according to "own boiler demolition themselves, change themselves, government agencies take the lead in demolition, lead change, limited time limit must be removed, must be changed "requirements, implement them.

Second, the change involved units to firmly establish the overall awareness, to overcome the luck, to seize the opportunity boiler Chaigai premium policy, a reasonable choice of the transformation of the way, adhering to standards, early arrangement, early deployment, early start.

Third, the government supervises the room should work together with urban management, environmental protection and other departments, inspectors conduct regular supervision, to dismantle ineffective, slow-moving unit, to be criticized, and timely feedback evaluation to do, do you want to do a good evaluation appraisal work; County JISC to errant Chaigai, affected units and individuals county atmospheric objective assessment of the results, in accordance with the "air pollution prevention of accountability measures" be accountable, accountability, ensure on schedule to complete the work Chaigai city coal-fired boilers.

Before installing the hot water atmospheric pressure water problem to consider in advance

I believe that many users units, need to use the boiler as a heat source, or to promote plant life with hot demand. But want to make the boiler to better serve us, we need to pay special attention to installation problems. Because even the best boiler, if there is any problem in the installation, the boiler operating efficiency will be greatly reduced.

How should the daily gas steam hot water atmospheric pressure water maintenance it? Applicable gas steam boiler because of its environmentally friendly and efficient and well-known, in recent years, its sales continue to rise, more frequently in daily use, industrial sites also gradually choose such products, it external multi-choice thickening of the plate, and more models, easy to use, if you buy factory direct products, but also to ensure quality. It has a function of frequency regulation of combustion, deflagration can reduce the occurrence of the phenomenon, then how should the gas steam boiler maintenance in daily life it? First, regular cleaning in a particular space gas steam boiler, such as the combustion chamber and other places there will be some material precipitation, heavy precipitation powder, so to 6-12 months for an overall clean gas steam boiler once to ensure its stable operation at intervals, to avoid congestion and damage it, especially for chemical plants, farms and other use when gas steam boiler, but also to pay attention to cleaning, because of higher contamination factor space environment more likely to cause blockage gas steam boiler. Second, to prevent the bump after the gas steam boiler installation, small series is not recommended for frequent replacement position, on the one hand to prevent loosening of internal components, the second aspect of the boiler to avoid damage due to environmental changes, except that, in the handling process may also situation bump appears, although the design of the external gas steam boiler has anti-bump, scratch-proof, but in fact, if more substantial bump will damage it. Third, to avoid contact with corrosion maintenance law which is any type of boiler, once contact with corrosive substances, not only will lose external texture, appearance effects of space, but also lead to damage to the internal sub-components, greatly the impact of its service life. All in all, the most professional gas steam boiler to ensure its efficient heating efficiency and service life, we must pay attention to routine maintenance work, in general, gas steam boiler features an integrated, interactive and flexible, working with various units between though strong and durable and strong, but the details can not be ignored maintenance, small maintenance staff built its technical parameters and installation diagram, in order to lay the foundation for post-maintenance.

Boiler happen "water hammer" how to deal with: "water hammer" is a major factor affecting the operating life of the hot water atmospheric pressure water, the main causes is the boiler pressure pipeline, due to the influence of some external factors (such as valves suddenly closed, water pump suddenly stopped, etc. ) so that the water flow rate suddenly changed significantly, so there is the risk of water hammer phenomenon.

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2017-9-20 · pressure as stated on the water heaters ra ng plate. The minimum supply pressure is for the purpose of input adjustment. L.P. gas supply pressure must not exceed 13 water column. Have a qualifi ed person (licensed plumber, gas company personnel, or authorized service technician) check for proper L.P. gas pressure. L.P. gas pressures

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In the plasma physics literature OH production is primarily ascribed to be due to electron, metastable induced or thermal dissociation of water, processes which are dominant in (low pressure) gas discharges, combustion and hot flames, e.g. [8, 9]. It will be shown that in the case of sufficiently ionized atmospheric pressure plasmas also

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The Partial Pressure of Atmospheric Water The atmosphere contains other gases besides water-vapor, such as oxygen and nitrogen. In speaking of the water-vapor, therefore, we must refer to its partial pressure as explained.

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In this study, we investigated the process of gas flow formation, which is driven by atmospheric-pressure plasma. The plasma discharge was produced by a high voltage of 57.5 kV 0p and was generated between a needle electrode and water surface. Gas flow formation caused by the discharge was observed using the Schlieren visualization technique.

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