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Heard so much about fast efficiency saving boiler made a number of achievements in the areas of clean boiler, this time my unit and quick cooperation parties, give me your company's boiler unit is in line with the requirements of our team boiler, to achieve a clean, energy-saving, environmentally friendly way of heating . Moreover, your company for the Beijing authorities have provided more office cleaning boilers, a good reputation. So, we finally reached a cooperation. --customer feedback

Now what new efficiency saving boiler installation process is used: Each boiler unit has a different personal situation, may choose to electricity, natural gas, solar energy and other types of boiler equipment, but the boiler installation process is much the same. Well, now popular on the market boiler, how to install it?

Introduction to four problems of selecting and purchasing condensing efficiency saving boiler!

As a new favorite of the new era, condensing boiler is not only more efficient but also environmentally friendly than ordinary gas-fired boiler. It is more and more popular with us, especially for large-family houses. However, many people are not familiar with condensing boilers, daily shopping will often encounter the following 4 major problems, let's take a look.

1, are all household sizes suitable for the installation of condensation wall hangers? Condensing boiler companies ranked top company introduction: in home applications, for only half a hundred square meters or so of the household type, is also suitable for the installation of condensation wall hanging furnace? This may be a false proposition, but the fact is that some heating companies "across-the-board" promote condensation wall hanging furnace, regardless of the size of the owner, this cost-effective account is variable, so this is a need for our specific issues specific analysis.

2, is the whole premixed must be better than the secondary heat transfer condensation? Many people in the industry will sniff at the secondary heat transfer condensing furnace as "false condensation", but the warm cube notes that the secondary heat transfer condensing heat efficiency is also more than 100%, belonging to the category of first-class energy efficiency, but the overall thermal efficiency is a few points lower than the full premix.

3, is it possible for any company to install condensing furnaces? Is it the same as installing conventional wall hanging stoves, can any company install condensation furnaces without professional training, what are the differences in installation, post-maintenance and repair aspects of condensing furnaces? when selecting and purchasing boilers, attention should be paid to manufacturers. Whether the industry organization has a supporting training or evaluation or certification system, when we select the condensing boiler company, we all need to consider these points.

4. Why are condensing boilers so much more expensive than conventional boilers? The price of condensing boilers has become the biggest obstacle to the promotion of almost every HVAC company. Looking at the current market, almost all brands of fully premixed condensing furnaces are more expensive than conventional boiler markets. Where is this expensive? Still, the question is, is your initial cost and post-maintenance cost, whether or not all household areas, all usage habits and conditions, can recover the expensive costs, and when choosing, you should look at the price list of the condensing boiler company, and for the owner, it is necessary to look at the price list of the condensing boiler company. It has made a great contribution to the national "energy saving and emission reduction".

Gas efficiency saving boiler full of water occurs, the occurrence of how to deal with gas boiler filled water, a high level alarm will sound an alarm level signal, beginning with the water vapor, decreased steam quality, increased salinity, superheated steam temperature drops. Severe full of water, or even furnace water into the steam line, steam line caused water hammer occurs, resulting in a serious impact to the boiler. When full of water for the boiler this situation occurs, fast Boiler summarize the following knowledge points, for your reference. First, the phenomenon when the boiler is full of water 1, the water level is not visible or not, a high level alarm; 2, steam temperature decreases, main steam isolation valves and the turbine inlet valves visible white steam; 3, turbine or steam pipes water hammer; 4, the normal water flow is not greater than the steam flow. Second, a full water Boiler feed water is automatically jump manually, resulting in abnormal increase of water supply; 2, or drum set on the safety valve steam header, resulting in up water or with water; 3, ultra-evaporation boiler load more, happens priming. Third, the full boiler water treatment 1, boiler steam pressure and water pressure to normal, while the drum water level rises, exceeds + 50mm, should take the following measures: wash drum were compared with the two water gauge to check their instructions are correct. Water supply from the automatic to manual adjustment, and shut off the manual door small total feedwater adjusted to reduce the amount of water to the door. 2, if After the treatment, the inner drum water level is still rising, exceeds + 75mm, the following measures should be: open the door for emergency drain drum should be put to the normal water level water level shut down immediately. The steam temperature condition, turn down or turn off desuperheating water door, door open and main steam superheater tubes hydrophobic hydrophobic gate. 3, when the boiler full of treated water drum water level continues to rise, and exceeded the upper drum level table when the water level is visible, the need for emergency shutdown, as soon as possible with the main pipe splitting, immediately stop the water, recycled to open doors, to strengthen boiler drain, and note the emergence of drum water level gauge upper water level, the water level to be put to the normal level after closing. After the normal Standby furnace, obtain professional fireman who consent, it may furnace stoked operation. 4, such as the water level in the steam drum water level tables invisible, not in time, should take the following measures: wash drum were compared with the two water gauge, check if the indication is correct. Full drum water level tables turn on the water door, turn on the water and then slowly close its doors, as there is water in the water table appears, and water levels continue to rise full of tables full of water and has not been proven boiler water level gauge steam over the side of the tube, press the emergency shutdown process. Open the door turn on the water table level, and slow to close its doors after the turn on the water, the water level in the water table invisible. To prove a serious full of water, soda and then close the door, turn on the water to open the door, the water level of the water table memory after the release to do, turn on the water shut the door immediately. Ajar quickly and valve inner water table level occurs, and filled with water, before this time has exceeded the determination level of the steam drum level side through the tube sheet, emergency shutdown should be treated as soon as possible and the manifold splitting. When the water level in the boiler accident occurs, it is difficult to judge if the water level should be shutdown immediately. After a boiler shutdown called water method called water, check the water level in the drum.

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2019-12-24 · Anticipated energy-saving effect is approximately 10~30% The boiler operating efficiency is maximized by 100% operation. To do this, the operation of multiple small once-through boilers is efficiently controlled to match the fluctuations in required steam flow.

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Boiler Efficiency Improvement Steps: After Analyzing heat losses in industrial boilers, boiler engineers or technicians can help you to increase your boiler efficiency by 6% 10%.. Here are the few boiler efficiencies boosting steps listed below:. Complete combustion of fuel so that no unburnt is left behind is a good practice and will add to the boiler efficiency.

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2018-8-5 · BOILER EFFICIENCY BOILER EFFICIENCY GUIDE. FACTS. Forward Todays process and heating applications continue to be powered by steam and hot water. The mainstay technology for saving reasons to consider a new packaged firetube boiler. 3.

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2020-6-7 · Boiler vs. Furnace Energy Efficiency The first thing to note when thinking about your heating energy efficiency is the age of your furnace or boiler. Energy.gov says that older furnace or boiler systems generally were only energy efficient in the 56-70% range.

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