Automatized 1 ton Coal fired hot water Boiler for hotel

Power plant: utility boiler burning coal with various power, natural gas, heavy fuel oil, coke oven gas blast furnace steel plant, biomass (straw, rice hulls, coconut shells, sawdust, etc.), waste rock, shale oil, petroleum coke, water treatment plant sludge, garbage and so on.

Electrical difference between the boiler and gas boiler no real good, only for it or not. (Direct thermal electric boiler in the building standards are not allowed in the following description of an electric thermal storage boilers, there is a corresponding electric thermal storage boilers local standards) investment aspects of the common gas boiler cheaper than electric boilers at the beginning, but also the gap between the number of specific distinction, gas brand boiler size, with or without condensate recovery and technical maturity; brand electric boiler, the applicable type. Related both construction conditions, such as plumbing, gas station; selecting high and low voltage power, power distribution construction. Gas heating season in general calorific value / purity of non-compliance (even if the contract is more explicit), compared with the calorific value of the basic electrical 1: 7, the proportion of LNG to be higher, lower coal bed methane (calorific value is multiplied by the thermal efficiency of the device ). In this case, electricity savings of about 1/3 than gas, according to the grapevine, is expected this year, Liaoning low power dropped to less than 0.3 yuan (business), that electricity than the gas savings is estimated to be more than half. It covers an area of ​​respect, if the construction of the gas gas station, then it must be a space-saving electric boiler and electric boiler is the basic module assembly, according to the actual situation; and gas boiler explosion venting port and need a certain security area. In terms of energy, electricity is no waste, waste gas, waste water, renewable energy, gas or have emissions, and fossil fuels are not renewable, although the state vigorously outsourcing, but in the long perspective, the decline in the price of more space large, but also more conducive to use, especially Valley electric. Finally, if it is 30 000 m2 of non-continuous heating conditions (such as schools, shopping mall, office, public venues, factory, warehouse, etc.), recommended to choose electric thermal storage boilers, the best choice for 10kv high voltage device, you can save some investment, and the province as well as policy. But if the area is less than 10,000 m2, the election 0.4kv low-voltage equipment is also good. Equipment and electric boilers are run automatically, without someone on duty, usually around six meters do not consider lifting frame height coefficient, the heating time can independently control these areas compared to the municipal district heating is also very advantage.

March 26, 2018, fast Boiler Marketing Summit successfully held in Anyang, excellent strategic partner dealers across the country gathered in beautiful surroundings Huan Gulf Hotel venue center, witnessed ups and downs square almost 20 years, complicity future development plans.

What part of the body including the boiler? What role have? It comprises a crucible and the furnace: a body: refers to a soda boiler system, which is superheated by the reheater water preheating system and a vaporization system composed of dry steam. The role of the high-pressure boiler feedwater heater through the further heating evaporation, for the purpose of blowing rpm turbine to do work. System configuration: economizer, the drum, the downcomer, water wall, superheater, reheater, economizer high pressure heater outlet feedwater is introduced into the economizer, economizer tube within an outer absorber tube gas and fly ash heat, water temperature increases to about 300 ℃ drum water out from the economizer line into the bubble along the top of the boiler disposed outside. Drum lower half of the water, the upper half steam. Unsaturated high pressure drop along the water reaches the bottom of the bubble tube at the bottom of the lower header outside the boiler, a number of pipes mounted in parallel on the bottom of the boiler around the lower header, the furnace by the upward flow of the absorbent in the central flame of the inner tube wall pipe convective heat radiation heat transfer and high temperature flue gas. Since the heat absorption is much less than the water vapor, the water wall within a predetermined vaporization rate can not be greater than 40%, because the working fluid will easily melt late Wall water absorbing tube rupture occurred. Downcomer role is water vapor to the bag waterwall lower header, to establish a water circulation. Wall water in the tank through the second line and then returned to the boiler water wall, the water in the drum is completed, the downcomer, the circulation between the superheater waterwall separated in the steam drum is withdrawn from the top of the drum, laying into the first top ceiling superheater, then through the cladding wall superheater, low temperature superheater, platen superheater, to a high temperature superheater, after reaching the rated temperature of the heating steam turbine into work. After the reheater boiler is also provided with a large reheat means that steam from the high pressure cylinder acting, temperature and pressure of the exhaust gas is reduced, the exhaust gas is heated to a reheater, and then returned to the steam turbine, a low pressure cylinder continues to work. Furnace body: it refers to a boiler furnace combustion system and its role is to heat the fuel combustion in the furnace as much as possible and transfer heat to the working fluid, and the completion of the water wall and economizer water water heated in the tubes, heated in the dry steam superheater and reheater tubes, the air in the air preheater tube heated. The system consists of: a combustor, furnace, air preheater. Production process: raw coal from the coal by the belt conveyor to the higher field position of the coal bin, the bottom of the coal from the coal bin out through the stoker evenly into the ground to a coal mill. Nature of the atmosphere via the air inlet of the blower is arranged in the vertical flue to the boiler air preheater, subjected to heat of the flue gas, flue gas waste heat recovery. About 250 degrees out of hot air into two air preheater from: one directly introduced into the burners of the boiler as secondary combustion air into the furnace; the other can be introduced into the mill inlet for drying, transporting coal, which said primary air portion of hot air. Excellent flow of drying gas and pulverized coal mixture powder consisting of primary air, conveyed via line separator to be coarse coarse separator, the separated coarse powder inlet sending back regrind mill, and eligible powder and primary air mixture into pulverized powder separator, gas separation, the separated coal fines into storage to save it from the powder according to the magnitude of the thermal load of the boiler, the control of coal flow discharged coal warehouse bottom while separated from the fines separator as the primary air pulverized coal power delivery, after the pressing of mill powder mixture with the gas mixture into a fine powder fed again by a burner into the combustion furnace.

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Full text of "News and Letters (1961) Vol. 6 nos. 1-10" See other formats

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Full text of "News and Letters (1961) Vol. 6 nos. 1-10"

Full text of "News and Letters (1961) Vol. 6 nos. 1-10" See other formats


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