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20th Meeting of the Standing Committee of People's Congress of the fourth Jinzhong City, approved the Thirteenth People's Congress Standing Committee of Shanxi Province, the seventh meeting since January 1, 2019 the formal implementation of the "Jinzhong City coal pollution prevention and control regulations "(the" Ordinance ").

1, Municipal People's Government shall determine the total amount of coal required control objectives, the development of coal-fired reduction and clean energy transformation plan and organize the implementation, reduce the proportion of coal in primary energy consumption structure in accordance with the requirements of the provincial government and city environmental protection.

2, Municipal People's Government shall designate built-up area for the city ban on coal zone and gradually extended to improve the quality of atmospheric environment on request. Counties (cities, districts) need to improve the people's government should ban on coal zone demarcated according to the ambient air quality.

May, ban coal-fired power plant area, central heating stations and raw coal units shall establish a coal purchase and sale of its products archives management, and self-purchase contract is signed or change within fifteen days, the number of coal procurement and information submitted to the seat of county government department in charge of energy.

6, city and county (city, district) people's government should promote the local conditions of the administrative regions of central heating, coal to electricity, coal gas and other clean energy alternative to coal-fired work. Encourage towns, rural areas to promote the use of clean energy living stove.

9, city and county (city, district) people's government should strengthen the management of civil bulk coal regions other than coal ban areas, to determine the clean coal supply companies, establish and improve civil cleaner fuels coal procurement, storage, supply mechanism to protect the clean coal supply.

10, city and county (city, district) people's government market supervision and management departments should be included in the annual coal-fired coal sampling plans to strengthen quality supervision and inspection, and to the public inspection results.

11, coal-fired power plants, district heating stations and boiler units to use raw coal output and single kiln production process should be in line with national standards and local regulations or policies. Any unit or individual may manufacture, import, sale and use do not meet environmental protection standards of boilers, furnaces.

12, supporting the construction of coal-fired units should use air pollution control equipment and facilities to maintain normal and stable operation, pollutant discharge should meet the standards set by the state and local levels. Encourage the use of coal-fired units to implement ultra-low emissions transformation in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection.

Again, that depends on what kind of steam boiler energy efficiency. This equipment is to rely on energy to complete the work. If the boiler requires a lot of energy at work, then it will increase the cost, perhaps such a low price of some of the boiler but the overall cost of doing we did not. Ling Ran, a boiler is not a cost-effective of use, it has also need to see what kind of strength, but manufacturers do not have a better design and configuration through strength, it is difficult to achieve cost-effective requirements in this regard.

Guests reception work was taken by our sales manager, also invited our advanced engineer on the scene. Together with our advanced engineer and sales manager, our Guizhou guests visited factory, watched boiler parts, boiler manufacturing process, etc. When we told our guests that we had sold a set of SZL series biomass boiler to another alcohol factory in Zhengzhou last year. Our clients were interested in this project, and wanted to have a look. At this moment, our sales manager contacted with our older clients in Zhengzhou, who bought a set of 35 ton SZL series boiler before, and showed our opinion. Our older clients agreed happily.

Large gas sawdust coalification hot water boiler hot sale manufacturers what? Large gas hot water boiler manufacturers what? Reference standard on this issue is not unique, but all of. For example, manufacturers geographic location, the strength of the manufacturers, the manufacturers reputation, and this will be one measure. Large gas hot water boiler manufacturers should have the following: (1) This boiler manufacturers should have the ability to various aspects of the development, production, testing, transportation and installation. In particular R & D capability, it will inject vigor and vitality into the booming boiler manufacturers. (2) This gas hot water boiler manufacturers have a relatively strong service team, responsible for the implementation of docking with customers, keep abreast of the situation on-site boiler, once the exception, in real-time to solve. (3) confirms the good and bad of boiler quality standards is an important reference customers after using subjective and objective evaluation, in general, large boiler manufacturers this one is more sensitive, and therefore, the process of practical operation, will always stand in the customer's position on the issue investigated. In short, according to different metrics, large-scale gas hot water boiler is not enumerated, the customer service, customer acceptance of truly large-scale gas hot water boiler manufacturers.

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